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we will no longer be using the email address if you have any enquirers please email us on ...
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Welcome to our new staff

We have 2 new members to the Youth Team! ...
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Photography session!

On Sunday 28th, we will be taking photos of our lessons in action so we have some lovely up to date images for our new website and any marketing material. ...
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Survey Feedback

posted on Monday 29th June, 2015

Clients have queried after our recent survey, why don't we just buy some bigger horses to accommodate riders over 13 stone?
There are a couple of reasons for this.  Riding school horses have a different work load than privately owned horses.  They often have to do more than one riding session in a day, with riders  of varying abilities.  We have no access to hacking in the city; riding school horses that hack can carry more weight than our horses who only work in the arena.
Hacking is less physically demanding on horses as they are working in straight lines and not carrying out school movements as they are during lessons.  We have horses who measure up to 16.3hh, who's weight limit is 13 stones.  Horses bigger than this would find working in our 20m x 40m arena difficult.Rider safety, horse wellbeing and excellent learning is what we pride ourselves on, and these are the reasons we have these policies in place.

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