Stepney Bank Stables
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Email Information!

we will no longer be using the email address if you have any enquirers please email us on ...
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Welcome to our new staff

We have 2 new members to the Youth Team! ...
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Photography session!

On Sunday 28th, we will be taking photos of our lessons in action so we have some lovely up to date images for our new website and any marketing material. ...
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Marks and Spencers Chosen Charity of the Year!

posted on Thursday 19th November, 2015

M&S are doing a number of fundraisers for us, in addition to this we are able to bag pack in the Newcastle store.  We are always grateful for any adults who can help us with this, so please let us know if you want to help!


We\ll keep everyone updated with all the activities the lovely guys at M&S are doing for us.

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