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Email Information!

we will no longer be using the email address if you have any enquirers please email us on ...
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Welcome to our new staff

We have 2 new members to the Youth Team! ...
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Photography session!

On Sunday 28th, we will be taking photos of our lessons in action so we have some lovely up to date images for our new website and any marketing material. ...
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Sponsor our Horses and Ponies

Sponsoring our Horses and Ponies is a great way to support Stepney Bank Stables. By sponsoring our horses and ponies you are contributing to the enormous costs of caring for our fantastic furry four legged friends! As well as all the obvious costs such as feed, hay and straw, our horses also need regular visits from the dentist, vet and Farrier.

When you Sponsor our Horses and Ponies you will receive a thank you letter from the horses, some pictures and a rosette!

Your annual sponorship can vary from paying £10 upwards.

  • Sponsoring £10 will feed a weeks worth of hay to a pony
  • Sponsoring £20 will contribute to the cost of a pony's feet being trimmed and dressed
  • Sponsoring £33 will contribute to new shoes for a pony
  • Sponsoring £50 will pay for some physiotherapy treatment
  • Sponsoring £55 will assist with a dentist bill

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